Steve Jobs 1955 – 2011

By now we’ve all heard of the passing of Steve Jobs. We’ve all lost a truly great mind that can never be replaced. One of the reasons I have always loved using Apple, is that it was always engineered and promoted with an elegance, design and sense of quality never before seen by technology or the public. Not every one gets it, but those who do are participants of a special group who appreciate quality, aesthetics, performance and marketing.

Apple under Steve Jobs was bolstered by people who were MBA’s and marketing specialists. This set Apple apart from the mainstream at the time. This made the mainstream work harder and employ those elements to their products.

Design, quality, understanding the market and being true to your values. What a concept. That’s why I love Apple and that is how I approach my work. MWD and Apple sort of grew up together and during that time I’ve tried to learn from Steve and Apple. Hopefully I will still continue MWD with these core values and strive to be an active apostle of these for years to come.

Thanks, Steve.

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