Art T

Recently I finished a letter “T” for FestivALL committee member Alex Morgado. Alex, et. al. has developed a wonderful concept; ask 22 local artists to each create a letter of the alphabet “in an effort to create a commemorative Festivall 09 promotional piece + visual system that will read “A City Becomes a Work of Art.”

Each artisan created a unique piece based on a template. A larger than life completed piece is slated to be unveiled at the Festivall 09 press conference on March 16th. 24″ x 36″ limited-edition prints will be available soon thereafter.

Alex says, “This is just a small taste of some of the creative in various stages of the process. A true testament to the talent Charleston is blessed with!”

You can keep track of each letter at Alex’s Facebook blog:

A great idea and an inclusive concept for local artisans. I’m proud to have been chosen to take part!

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