Window Dressing

I miss the “old school” window displays especially this time of year. When I was groing up in Indianapolis we’d go downtown and I’d see these amazing mannequins and all the dressings the designers would come up with. Fortunately there are some stores that are around that still do that. I often travel to Columbus and in Short North there is an antique mall that does up their display windows so beautifully. For those who have missed out on such a thing, here are a few shots I’ve taken through the year.

6 responses to “Window Dressing”

  1. Rick Lee says:

    Short North is a really cool area. I was there for their Art Walk or whatever they call it one day last summer.

  2. MWD says:

    Gallery Hop! Yes, many people come out for those. Thanks for stopping by and great seeing you in person the other day!

  3. Rick Lee says:

    I absolutely could not believe how many people came out for Gallery Hop. The streets were jammed for blocks.

  4. MWD says:

    That happens every month. It’s exciting to see so many people out to enjoy art, and get this Rick, BUY art too!

  5. Rebecca Burch says:

    Awesome! I love vintage mannequins.

  6. MWD says:

    Thanks, for stopping by, Rebecca!