I like Type!

I love the old school hand painted signs that are fast disappearing from our streets. Here’s a gem from Columbus, Ohio.

6 responses to “I like Type!”

  1. Dave says:

    Fantastic photo. I plan on running around in Charleston on hoof this spring in search for signs like these.

  2. Rebecca Burch says:

    I love those, too.
    I’m going through a ghost sign phase right now:


  3. Rick Lee says:

    Hi Mark! Good to see you’ve started a blog. Hey Rebecca… I don’t do a lot of ghost signs, but check this one out.

  4. Anna says:

    I like old signs too! What do people say? “They just don’t make them like that anymore!” I agree. There is nothing like something done by hand.

    I am here from Rick Lee’s blog. I look forward to checking back to see what you are up to here.

    Welcome to Blogland.

  5. Imagesmith says:

    Welcome also, Mark!

  6. CT Thomas says:

    Ahhhh, Columbus Ohio. My ole stomping ground where we used to make runs from Ohio U. to get bags of White Castle burgers before they hit the freezer sections of stores.

    Love the old typestyles as well, which, by the way, are making a comeback into design.

    Keep on posting, Mark. Great blog.